Web Idol

Web Idol

Wednesday, 17.00

Help crown the "2008 Web Idol" in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. Five vendors will present 6-minute demos showing the best features of their systems. If you prefer succinct, comparative presentations to long-winded demonstrations, this is the session for you. An expert panel of judges will offer pithy commentary, but the best part is: you vote for the winner!

Moderated by: Lau H. Andreasen, J. Boye


  -  Claudia Urschbach

  -  Erik Hartman

  -  Tony Byrne

Web Idol Sitecore is now the defending champ from Web Idol 2008.

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Participants of Web Idol 2008 

The confirmed participants are:

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Previous winners

2008: Sitecore

2007: eZ Systems

2006: eZ Systems