Web Communication & Project Management

This track is for and with the heroes of everyday web communication and web project management. The still quite pioneering work within this area will on this track be illustrated both by practitioners and specialists. To work in a disciplinary fields as this requires many skills, experience which will be demonstrated by the speakers and illustrated with cases from fast paced and media organisations aswell as the “old” industry.

The track will invite all attending into the discussion. Especially if you are a web editor or project manager, this is where you can meet your peers!

Web Communication & Project Management
Thursday, November 6th 10.30 - 12.00  Planting a Flag vs. Engaging Users
David Hobbs, WelchmanPierpoint
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Burning down the silos: the hidden truths of web project management
Case: Sauer-Danfoss
Lars Bech
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Managing Web Projects in a Politically Managed Organisation
Case: BUPL
Michael Aage Jensen
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14.30 - 15.15  The Catch-22 of the Web Project Manager
Sara Redin, J. Boye
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Newsfeeding Investors the Ultimate Online Experience
Case: Børsen
Jørgen Andresen
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15.45 - 16.45  Panel on challenging customers and difficult projects:

A case study
Tony Wood, VisionWT
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Creating happy endings with difficult customers
Jens Hofman Hansen, Creuna
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Case: VisionScopeBuild
Ramsey Khoury, Head

Communication, a key word in difficult projects
Jesper Munkholm, Valtech

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