Picture of Sissel JorSissel Jor

Section manager, Sector for research and patient services, IT -department, Rikshospitalet (Norway)

Sissel joined Rikshospitalet HF in May 2003. She is responsible for strategy and developement of IT usage in the research departments as well as new services and digital content for the patients as well as process developements and change.

Sissel has been responsible for the patient portal, MinJournal (MyRec) since the start in 2005. This project is a collaboration project between several hospitals to create a common platform for the patients dialogue with different health providers. The work includes collaboration with patients and clinicians as well as research project that works with different perspectives around communication between patients and clinicians.

Rikshospitalet (Norway)

Rikshospitalet HF is a higly specialised university hospital with national responsibilities within complicated treatments. The strategy is to function as a national reference hospital that will safeguard and develop highly speialist medicine within five core areas: transplantation medicine, children’s illnesses, oncology, coronary disorders and siorders of the bran and nervous system. About 40 per cent of all medical research in Norway is performed at this hospital.



Thursday, November 6th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: E-Health Challenges

Patient centered information management

The health industry is facing many challenges in the years to come:

  • The governments demands more health services for the money paid
  • Increased competition
  • Empowered patients that demand a different level of control and participation

In this presentation Sissel will show how the national hospital of Norway, Rikshospitalet, works to address some of these challenges with its information portals.

Sissel will start with a quick overview of the portals created to secure the information about the patient, including:

  • The intranet solution with the exception management
  • The clinical portal
  • The infection control website
  • However, the main focus in the presentation will be the new public web pages and the patient portal and how we have built these solutions with the patient in the centre to prepare for the change in user relations.