Picture of Simon Werner HansenSimon Werner Hansen

Partner & Consultant, Wintra Analytics

Simon is a consultant and is working as a business analyst with focus on strategy, implementation and competence development of e-channels in larger organizations. He is also a trainer in the Microsoft SharePoint solution. He graduated from Copenhagen Business School in 2004 with a Business diploma in Informatics, strategic planning and leadership psychology and is also a graduated M.I.S.E. trainee from A.P.Moller – Maersk.

Simon is a musician with a love to both the art of playing and listening to the notes of life. He has performed on both the Roskilde Festival and Midtfyns Festival and has played around Europe and Caribbean.

Wintra Analytics

Wintra Analytics is a newly established merger between Actionize and Wintra Solutions to bring extended focus on the implementation of strategy for e-channels.

The mission is to ensure that the potential value outlined in the strategy work is converted to realized business value in the organization. We work to transform data into information to the owners and ensure they understand and are capable of making necessary changes for increased business value of the e-channel.



Wednesday, November 5th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: Web Strategy

Maersk Line intranet governance case study – a story about realizing the potential

This case shows that it takes more than a good decision to get the value engine running.

Maersk Line defined an intranet strategy in 2007 with high ambitions to convert the intranet into a strategic enabler. One of the first tasks was to create confidence in the content of the intranet as studies showed vast excess of content in poor condition. This work was just recently started and raises a number of interesting aspects on how to construct the governance model for an intranet.

The presentation will go through the ideas behind the strategy work and detail the governance model with focus on how to enable the editor organization maintain their responsibility area.