Picture of Piotr NarlochPiotr Narloch

Web Analytics expert

Senior Consultant & Co-Founder, Wintra Analytics

Piotr Narloch has over a decade of experience in the Internet Business, and is currently assisting top 100 companies in Denmark with Web analytics, and web analytics related projects.

PiotrĀ“s broad experience in user oriented needs combined with business understanding and deep technical expertise enables him to comprehend both the demands as well as their solution at the same time. These abilities along with years of expertise in various aspects of the internet business enables simple, innovative solutions to complex business needs.

Previously Piotr Narloch was a Web consultant for among other companies Carl Bro where he developed CMS solutions and NetTest as coordinating the international web-strategy of the company.

Piotr has among other things been a regular speaker on the WebTrends Business conference, focusing on a more down-to-earth view of Web Analytics.

Wintra Analytics

Wintra Analytics is a newly established merger between Actionize and Wintra Solutions to bring extended focus on the implementation of strategy for e-channels.

The mission is to ensure that the potential value outlined in the strategy work is converted to realized business value in the organization. We work to transform data into information to the owners and ensure they understand and are capable of making necessary changes for increased business value of the e-channel.



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