Picture of Peter SternPeter Stern

Interactive Communications Manager, Borealis

Peter is the head of Interactive Communications Department at Borealis Global Head Office in Vienna, Austria with the overall responsibility for online communications strategy and platforms used in the company world wide, involving intranet, corporate website, media databases, and other interactive web-based tools, as well as supporting an international group of intranet and internet content masters.

Borealis launched a new website in October 2007 build on Morello CMS from mediasurface and in June 2008 a new intranet built on MOSS 2007.

Peter has been working for Borealis since May, 2005 the first year in Copenhagen, Denmark and in August, 2006 he moved with his family to Vienna, Austria as the Borealis Global Head Office moved here.

His first assignment after joining the company was to build up a new online team inside Group Communications focusing on implementing an intranet and online strategy, replacing the old content platforms and enhancing the overall governance structure.

Peter holds a M.Sc. Business Administration & Computer Science and has in past been working in the pharmaceutical industry Novo Nordisk IT (NNIT A/S) as both product manager, project manager and later as change management consultant responsible for international projects in the area of e-commerce, document management, sales force automation and web solutions.


With more than 40 years of experience in polyolefins and using their unique Borstar technology, Borealis focus on providing plastic materials to the infrastructure, automotive and advanced packaging markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Their production facilities, innovation centres and service centres work with customers in more than 120 countries to provide materials that make an essential contribution to society and sustainable development.



Thursday, November 6th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: Experiences from large, global and complex projects

Control, Change and Communications: The elements of success

Go behind Borealis experience on how they involved major parts of the organisation as active owners and users when recently implementing 2 large intranet and web projects.

Implementing the 3 C’s takes time, but in the process you might actually earn some respect from your colleagues and if you are really good the inevitable technical challenges won’t hit you so hard.

Using SharePoint as central point for Knowledge Sharing

Thursday, November 6th: 15.45 - 16.45

Track: SharePoint 2007: Behind the Firewall

Borealis recently rolled out global intranet based on MOSS 2007 learn about the pros and cons of this effort and experience how they build up a strong knowledge pyramid that covers collaboration, search, document management and web content handling.