Picture of Niklas SinanderNiklas Sinander

Manager for Enterprise Content Management, EUMETSAT

Niklas currently holds a position as Manager for Enterprise Content Management at EUMETSAT. He has several years of experience from requirements-, system-, procurement- and project management. After 6 years in the telecom industry as system manager, he is now working in the space business since 8 years.

Initially working as project manager on various satellite programmes for 5 years, he has the last 3 years been in charge of the EUMETSAT web site and intranet. Recently he has also been put in charge of the document management as manager of the ECM group. As owner of the content and document management systems, his responsibility is to develop strategies, define roadmaps and implement projects in close collaboration with the users.

Niklas strongly believes that the key for successful solutions is to focus on the benefits for the users helping them to perform their tasks in the most efficient way.

He holds a M.Sc E.E and is of Swedish nationality.


EUMETSAT is an independent intergovernmental organisation created in 1986 to establish, maintain and exploit European systems of operational meteorological satellites. They deliver weather and climate-related satellite data, images and products - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which service requirements for weather and climate monitoring primarily of national meteorological services in the 21 Member- and 9 Cooperating States in Europe, as well as other users world-wide.

The Headquarter of EUMETSAT is located in Darmstadt, Germany hosting 500+ employees from about 30 different countries.



Wednesday, November 5th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: State of the Intranet

Wiki from theory to practice

EUMETSAT introduced an internal wiki as part of a relaunch of our intranet in October 2007. The aim of the wiki was to allow for knowledge sharing among all personnel on any topic. In addition the wiki would reduce the number of emails sent around asking the same questions every two weeks or so since old emails were lost.

This presentation will present how management was convinced to authorise the implementation of a wiki, what governance model was defined, the initial user experiences and the usage over the longer term. It will also present what updates were steps are planned for the future. In addition, the experience from the introduction, what was successful and less successful and what should/could be done in another way will be presented. Based on the experiences, thoughts on basic prerequisites for a successful wiki initiative will also be presented, e.g organisational culture and trust level in the organisation, specific areas vs general wiki, closed/open wikis, etc.

Strategy. Management and Technology: Lessons learned for ECM

Thursday, November 6th: 15.45 - 16.45

Track: Experiences from large, global and complex projects

The talk will discuss lessons we learned during a study of EUMETSAT's ECM systems. In particular, it will discuss the way in which this study dealt with 3 layers of concerns:

  1. Strategic management - how ECM fits into EUMETSAT's overall business strategy
  2. Information management - policies and processes to support effective ECM
  3. Systems - systems to support these ECM policies and processes