Picture of Michael Aage JensenMichael Aage Jensen

Web Project Manager, BUPL

Michael has been working on public and NGO webprojects since 2000 when he joined a webdesign course in Jerusalem (Israel) and immediately began working as a webmaster for several palestinian and israeli organizations.

After spending three years in Israel, Michael worked for 2 years at The Danish National Research Center for Welfare developing and implementing a new website and intranet, focusing on usability, information architecture and setting up a content supply chain in an ”old school” working environment. Michael’s work on the website, sfi.dk got the maximum number of ”5 crowns” in ”Bedst på nettet” – a usability competition amongst public websites in Denmark.

Today Michael is implementing a web strategy that he has written himself. This includes building a new website, a new extranet for 60.000 members and BUPL’s first intranet ever. One of the greatest challenges is to ”get everybody to write on the website”.

Michael is the father of three children (age 1, 10 and 13,) and they spend a lot of time together playing music in the living room. In the time left, Michael reads comtemporary literature and pratices his craftman-skills in the little familyhouse just outside Copenhagen.


BUPL is a trade union for 60.000 Danish childcare workers.

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