Picture of Martin Risgaard Rasmussen Martin Risgaard Rasmussen

Global webmaster, LM Glasfiber

Martin is the global webmaster at LM Glasfiber’s global HQ in Lunderskov, Denmark where he has the responsibility for the online communications platform used in the company world wide, comprising intranet, website, media databases, and other web-based tools, as well as heading up an international team of intranet editors.

LM Glasfiber launched a new intranet built on MOSS2007 in March 2007 as one of the first companies in Denmark, and implementing this was Martin’s first assignment after joining the company on March 1st the same year.

Martin holds a degree in international sales and marketing and has been working internationally with online marketing and communication, both internal and external, in Denmark and the UK since 2002.

When not causing havoc in cyberspace Martin can often be found frolicking around various grassy fields trying to beat the living daylights out of a little white ball – Yes, you guessed it, he is an avid golfer always in pursuit of improving the handicap currently sitting at 15.

LM Glasfiber

LM Glasfiber is the world’s leading supplier of blades for wind turbines, and the only supplier that operates on a global basis.

Blades play a crucial role in wind turbines – their design is crucial to the efficient exploitation of energy from the wind. LM Glasfiber blades are currently mounted on more than one in three wind turbines throughout the world.

LM Glasfiber has produced and sold more than 105,500 blades since 1978, corresponding to a capacity of 30 GW installed wind power capacity which each year saves the world more than 47 million tons of CO2 – more than the current annual CO2 emission of London.



Thursday, November 6th: 10.30-12.00

Track: SharePoint 2007: Behind the Firewall

Life on MOSS – Intranet experiences and challenges

LM Glasfiber launched a new global intranet in March 2007 based on the MOSS 2007 platform. Now the intranet has become a success both as a news channel but also as a collaboration platform enabling people from around the world to work as one team.

Learn about the very pragmatic approach chosen for implementation plus good and bad experiences with the new intranet and the MOSS platform.