Picture of Mark MorrellMark Morrell

Intranet Expert

Intranet Manager, BT

Mark Morrell leads on the strategy, governance and standards for all the information, training and self-service applications on the BT Intranet.

He also heads up BT’s Intranet Centre of Excellence and leads BT’s online publishing community for benefits measurement, standards on usability, navigation, accessibility, personalisation and online services as well as benchmarking with other global intranets.

Mark is responsible for the corporate intranet portal. This involves developing the portal design, usability, features and structure based on business and user needs.

In his work, Mark is heavily involved in BT using Sharepoint and social media including RSS feeds, wikis, blogs and podcasts.

He has a background in human resources, management training, employee and electronic communications.

You can keep up to date on what Mark is doing now by checking his blog markmorrell.wordpress.com.

Mark work from home in Brighton (well, Hove actually!) and is a passionate supporter of the best football team in the world, Brighton and Hove Albion (who else!). In between providing an unpaid taxi service to his teenage daughter, he reads, walks along the seafront and accepts he is better at watching sport than playing it.

Mark will be attending jboye08 with his colleague Richard Dennison, who is presenting Thursday.


BT (formerly known as British Telecom) based in London is one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries. Its principle activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services, and higher-value broadband and internet products and services.

Mark Morrell: An insight into how intranets are managed

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Wednesday, November 5th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: Web Strategy

Managing intranets? It’s business as usual!

BT will take you on their journey from project managers involved in an intranet pilot study 14 years ago through to now where line managers approve their teams publishing needs and help manage the content of a business critical intranet.

BT’s intranet has been led by its communications department who developed the governance, standards, tools to underpin the standards and training based clearly on user needs while meeting the overall strategy and needs of the business. It has continually evolved so everyone can now use it for everything they need to do for their work. This can be checking the latest company news, booking a meeting or finding help on how to do anything work related... and you can do this any time, anywhere using most devices.

BT is a global organisation with an advanced intranet that meets their growing need to collaborate online. Restrictions are avoided with time zones, geography and people not having to stay in offices. BT has also extended its governance of more formal traditional content to other types like blogs, wikis and collaboration projects. By applying the appropriate standards users can gain the maximum benefit from collaborating and know which content type they are using. When searching they will know what is an authoritative fact or a personal opinion when deciding what they need to use for their work.