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Web Editor, Nykredit

Laurine joined Nykredit in February 2007. She holds a Master in Communication and is involved in corporate web communication on a day-to-day basis. This includes website development and strategies, optimising content and structure, usability, project management, podcasts, traffic tracking, search engine optimisation, web design and CMS.

Furthermore, Laurine helped launch the Nykredit Blog in the spring of 2007 and has been a blog gardener ever since. A gardener undertakes the development, coordination, marketing as well as the technical aspects and evaluation of a weblog.


The Nykredit Group is one of Denmark's biggest financial services groups with activities ranging from mortgage lending, banking and insurance to investment, pension and estate agency business. Nykredit has 3,800 staff members.

With total lending of DKK 889bn (at end-2007), the Nykredit Group is the second-largest lender in Denmark. With a market share of 41%, the Group is the largest mortgage lender in Denmark and one of the largest private bond issuers in Europe.

Nykredit makes targeted efforts to continuously expand the digital universe for dialogue with customers and others. Examples of Nykredit's digital acceleration are the interactive video online adviser; WebDesk, where customers may chat and communicate with Nykredit's staff in a virtual meeting room; nykredit.tv; and Nykredit Blog, which has nine different blog hosts. All successes that have strengthened Nykredit's dialogue with its customers.

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Blogging broadens dialogue

The Nykredit Blog has provided Nykredit with an opportunity to communicate with people who want to learn about us and our products. The comments and ideas entered on Nykredit's weblog paint a varied picture of the thoughts and wishes of its users. This is something we appreciate.

In addition to the possibility of starting a dialogue with Nykredit's experts, the Nykredit Blog offers its users access to view and download podcasts, participate in surveys and submit own ideas.

Laurine's presentation includes aspects relating to the project management, success criteria and evaluation.