Picture of Josh MortensenJosh Mortensen

Nordic Product Manager, LOVEFiLM

In his position as Nordic Product Manager, Joshua Mortensen is currently responsible for Wow! at Scandinavia's largest film rental company, LOVEFiLM. His responsibility is to drive both customer acquisition and customer retention by making the LOVEFiLM site as cool as possible with the resources available. His current project is applying multi-variate testing (MVT) to a group of key customer interactions. Based on the MVT results so far, he can feel his whole paradigm shifting.

In 2003, Josh founded Digitarian, Denmark's first online DVD rental company, and directed marketing and product design until its acquisition by LOVEFiLM International in April 2006.

Before that he worked for Foote, Cone and Belding in Egypt on the DaimlerChrysler, Compaq and Shoprite accounts.

Josh is an entrepreneur, seasoned global communications professional, passionate product guy and problem solver. With 13+ years of serious right brain experience on three continents, he is adept at making it simple and making it fun - with a high tolerance for ambiguity and a keen eye for cultural observation.


LOVEFiLM International is a respected entertainment and film site in Europe. They deliver a quality service by listening to their customers and continually improving their experience through new service ideas.



Wednesday, November 5th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: Web marketing

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