Picture of Jørgen AndresenJørgen Andresen

Editor in Chief, Borsen.dk

Jørgen is the Leading Editor of four news desks under Børsen Digitale Medier: Borsen.dk, pleasure.dk, Børsen tv and a news desk in cooperation with the 24 hour TV channel TV2 News called TV2 Finans.

He graduated as a journalist from Danmarks Journalisthøjskole in 1991 and started at dagbladet Børsen in 1995 an from 1999 editor at Børsens homepage, borsen.dk. Later Borsen.dk went from a support function under Dagbladet Børsen to an independent profit centre (Børsen Digitale Medier) with its own budget through 2006.

Jørgen has a big interest in Egyptology and has been to Egypt several times to visit archaeology-sites from Abu Simbel to Alexandra.


Børsen aims to be Denmark's leading provider of business news and information - in all forms and publication channels.

Børsen Digitale Medier has around 20 journalists, three of them are editors.



Thursday, November 6th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: Web Communication & Project Management

Newsfeeding Investors the Ultimate Online Experience

An increasing number of Danes are becoming involved in small scale investments as an addition to their pensions, and therefore the need for independent coverage of all aspects of the financial world has grown. Traditionally this was covered in 3 or 4 of the major Danish newspapers; amongst those the financial daily, Børsen.

In the spring of 2007, Børsen decided to focus on establishing a serious and extensive online platform for covering as many aspects of the financial markets and finance related news as possible at borsen.dk/invester.

The task of establishing this platform has been immense and complex:

  • Information had to be gathered from a huge number of sources
  • The responsibility for the information lies with several different departments
  • Discussion and blog were expected to appear as integral parts of the site

After 18 months’, borsen.dk/invester is ready in what could be described as a version 1.0. Even at this early stage, the site contains extensive news coverage, real time updates, links to stock exchanges around the world and much more.

The session will focus on how we got the project off the ground; the discussions we had; the challenges we have faced thus far – and the unsolved ones that lie ahead.