Picture of Jim MurphyJim Murphy

Research Director, AMR Research

Jim Murphy brings hands-on experience in enterprise content management and collaboration to his current position as a research director at AMR Research. Jim is responsible for leading the research activities around information infrastructure, which includes knowledge management, content management, enterprise portal technology, search and retrieval, e-learning, and collaboration.

Jim works with software vendors in devising marketing and product strategies and tracks market trends to assess the competitive landscape. He was also instrumental in developing AMR Research's customer portal and many of the firm's internal knowledge management best practices.

Having worked at AMR Research since 1996, Jim has held various positions in the IT, marketing, editorial, and research departments. As director of publications, he was responsible for building the company's content management strategy, including the design, creation, editing, publishing, and distribution of thousands of print and electronic reports and articles per year. Prior to joining AMR Research, Jim taught English literature at a number of New England colleges and high schools.

Jim has written and published numerous articles on a broad range of technology topics, and has been quoted in numerous trade and top-tier publications, including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Financial Times, and Reuters.

Jim received his BA from the College of the Holy Cross and his MA from Boston College.

Jim is an avid, though unaccomplished, golfer and welcomes any and all invitations to play in new exotic locations. Likewise with skiing. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing, especially fiction.

AMR Research

Founded in 1986, AMR Research provides subscription advisory services and peer networking opportunities to operations and IT executives in the consumer products, life sciences, manufacturing, and retail sectors. They are focused on the intersection of business processes with value chain and enterprise technologies.

AMR Research has published more than 15,000 pieces of research. Grounded in industry and business process expertise, their analysts deliver independent research on established and emerging technologies. This analysis is supported by research data in the industry, expert-led Peer Forums, and daily interaction with their members.



Thursday, November 6th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: Enterprise Portals 2009

The Next-Next-Generation Web and the Future of the Portal

If you thought the portal was dead, think again. In fact, the evolving portal, as it employs new interface technology and encompasses a new array of enterprise 2.0 tools and technologies, will radically transform the way people work and businesses collaborate in the next five years. It’s the manifestation of a more pervasive web that presents its services to the user when needed. This presentation will examine the business motivations, the enabling technology, the risks, and the vendor landscape for your next next-generation portal.