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President & User Interface Design Consultant, Classic System Solutions

Jim Hobart is an internationally recognized User Interface design consultant and president of Classic System Solutions. He specializes in the design and development of large-scale, high-volume client/server applications. He is an expert in GUI design for transaction processing systems and strategies for migration from character-based systems to GUI and Web-based technologies.

Jim has over twenty five years of software development experience and over twenty years of user interface design experience. He has successfully managed and participated in numerous software projects, as well as advised a number of Fortune 1000 firms on their technology direction. He has helped a large number of firms develop in-house GUI standards and software user interface designs. He has assisted in the design and implementation of systems for the Finance, Transportation, Retail, Insurance, Public Utilities, Government, Distribution, Medical, Manufacturing and Software development tool sectors.

Additionally, he has successfully utilized Agile techniques with clients and has assisted with their adoption of user centered design techniques. He has worked with a wide array of development tools using distributed object and web-based technology.

Jim served on the advisory board for the International Windows Summit, and has served as GUI Track Chairman for Window World/Comdex and Software Development conferences. He also speaks on the public seminar track for Digital Consulting (DCI). He speaks regularly about user interface design topics and topics at national and international conferences. His industry insights are frequently sought by leading publications including PC Week, Information Week, InfoWorld and UNIX Review.

Classic System Solutions

Classic System Solutions is an internationally recognized consultancy based in California, US. Focused in the field of GUI design and client/server architecture, the company has led numerous design efforts for large-scale, high-volume transactional systems.

Web 2.0 Design and Usability

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Tuesday, November 4th: 13.00 - 16.00


Wednesday, November 5th: 15.45-16.45

Track: Web 2.0

Designing Usable Web 2.0 Applications

How do you ensure your web 2.0 applications is usable? Is this different from usability in traditional web applications?

Jim will present key highlights to take away.