Picture of Jens Hofman HansenJens Hofman Hansen

Senior Consultant, User Experience, Creuna

Jens has worked professionally as an Information Architect with focus on user-centred design for seven years. In Jens' world, knowledge about user behavior combined with a focus on the business perspective, rules. Jens is also the author of the danish book about persuasive design called "Motiverende design" (2006). In the book, Jens explains what methods you can use to persuade users to buy more or change attitude towards your company.

Currently, Jens is working on a broad range of projects - from abstract work with a web strategy and a new web concept for the Municipality of Ã…rhus to very concrete stuff such as a strongly user centred redesign of a online bank with more than 1,5 million users per month.

Jens has an MA in Information Studies at the University of Aarhus.


Creuna helps their customers by offering a full range of services and a combination of technological expertise and conceptual creativity. They understand business processes, user behaviour and system integration. With offices in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, they have 330 professionals serving organisations across the Nordic region.



Thursday, November 6th: 15.45 - 16.45

Track: Web Communication & Project Management

Panel on challenging customers and difficult projects

Subject: Creating happy endings with difficult customers

As a preparation for his talk, Jens has interviewed a bunch of his colleagues and hopefully asked them: When was the last time you had a difficult customer - and what did you do to end up with a good project? It turns out that the aspects of the difficult customer is quite easy to identify - and this brings us to some interesting insights into how we should act to get good projects, happy customers and successful results. This could be interesting for both customers and consultants to discuss.