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Relevance Marketing Consultant

Hannu Vangsgaard is a Danish pioneer within online marketing. He started working in the online industry in 1996 and co-founded a Danish online marketing agency in 1998 (Notabene.net – now merged into Guava.com) and has through the years helped a number of large Danish companies with online strategies, search engine marketing and Return On Investment tracking.

Presently Hannu works as an independent consultant within an area he himself has defined as relevance marketing. Today consumers’ attention is extremely hard to get. And the tool that has been used for many years with success, doesn’t work any more: Shouting even louder via advertising. So to reach your target groups you have to go beyond the clichés of “customer oriented” marketing and find the core relevancy in your products and communication.

Hannu is a passionate and captivating speaker who speaks from a clear business perspective and always with one or more thought-provoking points.

Blog: Relevans i markedsføringen. Nu. Please.

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Wednesday, November 5th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: Web marketing

Relevancy Rocks. Old-school marketing sucks

The rules of the game have changed. It is harder than ever to get your customers’ attention - especially online. What has happened and why? As an online professional how do you meet the challenge, rethink your marketing and cut through the clutter?

In this presentation Hannu will present an ultra-condensed timeline of marketing’s history to help you understand why users act like they do. But more importantly you will be inspired how to adapt to the new online reality.