Picture of Dorthe R. JespersenDorthe R. Jespersen

Co-author of Wiki in the Enterprise

Analyst, J. Boye

Dorthe is an analyst at J. Boye, where she has co-authored Best Practices for Using SharePoint for Public Websites - A Business Person's Guide and Wiki in the Enterprise together with Janus Boye.

Besides research, Dorthe is involved with J. Boye's Communities of Practice.

She is finishing up her master's degree in Multimedia (communication and it) at the University of Aarhus. She is currently working on her final thesis, focusing on social software.

Offline, Dorthe spends time on photography and perfecting her not so perfect skiing technique.

J. Boye

J. Boye is an independent, vendor-neutral analyst firm focusing on several aspects of digital media, including web strategy, governance, intranet, portals, social media and CMS.

With a mission to help mature a young market our main activities are:

  • The J. Boye Community of Practice
    Knowledge sharing in a vendor-neutral, professional and stimulating environment.
    The core idea or “foundation” of our Community of Practice is knowledge sharing among members with comparable roles and challenges. The aim is sharing of best practice, experiences and state of the art solutions, raising the bar for online content, processes and products. We have more than 200 members in 10 European countries.
  • J. Boye Conferences
    We host user conferences with tutorials, discussions and topical tracks. Our unique position as facilitators of the J. Boye Community of Practice means we are in constant dialogue with many interesting companies and organisations. We feed the challenges, problems and success stories of all our members into the planning of the conferences. This ensures that our conference programs are relevant. jboye08 is our biggest and most ambitious conference thus far with 8 daily tracks, over 75 speakers and upwards of 300 delegates. Our next conference is in Philadelphia, US in early May.
  • Reports
    J. Boye regularly publish own analyst briefings, most recently Best Practices for Using SharePoint for Public Websites and Wiki in the Enterprise. We also contribute to several CMS Watch reports, including the recognized Web CMS Report, the Enterprise Portals Report and the Enterprise Social Software Report.
  • Services
    We can assist at all stages and during all phases of project scoping, development and execution. We lead organisations safely through web and intranet projects, and help them ensure they make the right decisions every step of the way.
  • Events
    We organise and host a wide variety of events:
    • Half and full day seminars
    • Courses
    • Master Classes
    • Community of Practice meetings
    • Conferences
    Our seminars and conferences are open to anyone interested in the topic on the program. Members of our experienced team host, present, chair and moderate the events, ensuring appropriate levels of expert input and time for questions and answers.

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Wednesday, November 5th: 10.30-12.00

Track: SharePoint Web

Best Practices for using SharePoint for Public Websites: A Business Person's Guide

SharePoint 2007 has proven extremely popular as a web platform. While there are good reasons for the popularity of SharePoint, it is certainly not as safe and risk-free as many like to think. Join in on this analyst talk to find out, what you as a business user, should understand about using Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for public websites.

Dorthe will present conclusions from J. Boye’s latest research: Best Practices for Using SharePoint for Public Websites. This research collects experiences and recommendations based on interviews with a number of experienced organizations.

Topics covered will include

  • The role of SharePoint in the organization
  • Why organizations are choosing SharePoint for public websites – and if these are valid criteria
  • Working with integrators and planning for the future

Mythbuster: Common Wiki Myths

Thursday, November 6th: 14.30-15.15

Track: Intranets in the future / Enterprise 2.0

With wikis gaining tremendously in popularity, many organizations unfortunately start their wiki projects with unrealistic expectations. While researching the impact of wikis for Wiki in the Enterprise I came across a number of myths about wikis – adding both unnecessary anxiousness and inflated optimism to wiki projects.

Test your belief in wikis in this mythbuster session, and learn if a wiki is the new way of working in your organisation.