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Senior Consultant, WelchmanPierpoint

David is a senior consultant with WelchmanPierpoint where he helps clients in all aspects of Web Operations Management including analysis of existing processes and the development of strategic roadmaps for online initiatives. David has an extensive background in managing the conception, definition, implementation, migration, and ongoing maintenance of complex Content Management System-driven web sites, the platforms driving the sites, and other internet-based systems.

Prior to joining WelchmanPierpoint, David served as product manager for the World Bank’s content publishing system used to publish 100,000 pieces of content for more than 1,000 World Bank web sites. He was responsible for ensuring the system met the needs of hundreds of users across the 30+ units of the organization who were publishing content in more than 20 languages.

Prior to his tenure at the World Bank, David served as CTO for a web development and strategy company and has held programming and project management roles in the corporate sector. He has also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chad. David has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and Georgia Tech.


WelchmanPierpoint has defined the field of Web Operations Management. They know effective Web sites start with sound Web operations and understand the challenges inherent to managing a cross-functional information channel. Since 1999, they’ve helped clients align their Web operations with the business strategies and objectives of their organizations in order to maximize efficiencies and operational returns.

Their team works with each client to establish models that position the Web site as an integral, strategic component of the organization based on the four components of Web Operations Management— strategy, governance, execution and measurement. They support clients in all aspects of Web Operations Management including Web operations assessments and strategic roadmaps, Web governance model formation, Web policy and standards development, content and information strategies and architecture, vendor neutral product selection and more.

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Thursday, November 6th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: Web Communication & Project Management

Planting a Flag vs. Engaging Users

Any CMS needs to be customized to a particular institution’s requirements. This customization is not solely a technical matter, and hence needs to have someone wearing both the technical and user hats to define how the product should work at all stages of the CMS product within the organization. In other words, you need a product manager.

This talk would cover:

  • Roles of the internal CMS product manager
  • Differences between project management and product management
  • What’s unique to product managing an institution’s internal CMS
  • Skills the internal CMS product manager needs

Ten tips for successful internal product management:

  • Publicize participation
  • Keep all, deliver some
  • Differentiate stakeholders
  • Ask for details
  • Know details, as well as underlying technologies, to creatively solve problems
  • Publish a product schedule
  • Day-to-day product support
  • A stakeholder group and process with teeth
  • Don’t just go through the motions
  • Short delivery cycles