Picture of Claudia UrschbachClaudia Urschbach

Senior Information Architect, BBC

Claudia Urschbach has worked with content management systems since 1999. She started of as web editor for Siemens daughter Infineon Technologies and is now the User Experience & Design lead in the BBC’s central content management group.

Originally from Munich Claudia relocated to the UK in 2004 to join the AlphaGalileo Foundation, moving on to Miva Media in 2006. Her recent projects at the BBC include a divisional intranet redesign, a metadata strategy for bbc.co.uk and a knowledge share programme for User Experience & Design staff. Claudia believes in user-centred design processes, loves working with agile teams and is regularly surprised by the outcome of card sorts with users.


The BBC is a unique institution, owned by the British people and independent of political and commercial interests. An average of 12 Million unique users from the UK visit www.bbc.co.uk weekly. The recently launched BBC iPlayer allows UK residents to download and watch television programmes on their computer at no cost. This is worldwide the first service of its kind and has been a big success, 3 months after launch an average weekly 1.1 million people use the service.



Wednesday, November 5th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: State of the Intranet

Improving BBC intranet - Case Study of a tactical, user-centred Approach

This BBC case study shows how with little man power and no leeway for changing the technical infrastructure a user-centred design approach can improve your site.

In early 2008 it became clear that intranet for the BBC's Future Media & Technology division had to become a much more vital part of everyday staff life - over the next 4 years a third of the division's staff are asked to relocate from London to the north of England. This is a mayor challenge for the organisation and the internal communications team. While many intranet projects include an upgrade or change of the technical infrastructure the brief for this project stated that changing the CMS or search engine is not an option. The objective was to increase the usage of the intranet without changing the technical set up.

The presentation covers how by cleverly combining a range of user-centred design methods (eg. focus groups, interviews, card sorts) user needs were identified and lead to a long list of non-technical changes. The changes covered content, design, organisational & editorial processes and their implementation followed in several almost separate work streams over a 6-months period.