Picture of Charlotte EirCharlotte Eir

Manager of Knowledge Management Systems, Oticon

Charlotte is the manager of Oticons Corporate IT Team working with Knowledge Management Systems and web development.

To continuously support and focus on Oticons agile organization and collaborative ‘way of working’ Charlotte has been initiating and managing numerous knowledge management projects like SharePoint Moss 2007, Enterprise Search, Intranet solutions, Document/Content Management Projects and Microsoft inspired SmartWorker projects.

Charlotte holds a Master of Science in Engineering from DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, from 1995. She started her career as software developer in CAD systems and Windows applications. In 2000 she started working with knowledge management and web applications as intranet and internet gradually played a more important role at Oticon.


Oticon is a Danish-based manufacturer of hearing care solutions.

Oticon's vision is "to enable people to live the life they want with the hearing they have". Oticon aims to supply the most sophisticated technology and audiology based on the needs and wishes of the hearing impaired and to offer a full range of the best hearing aids and fitting systems on the market. They believe it takes more than technology to create the best solutions. That's why they put the individual needs and wishes of hard-of-hearing people first when developing new technologies.

To develop innovative solutions, people need space, time to think and an opportunity to share their views. At Oticon they are allowed all three. In an open environment, multi-disciplinary teams explore new opportunities, share their knowledge, and collaborate with competent colleagues.



Thursday, November 6th: 15.45 - 16.45

Track: Enterprise Search

A ”People First” approach to Enterprise Search

Learn how Oticon is using a people focused Enterprise Search to support knowledge sharing in a growing organisation.

Oticon has been very successful in using informal personal networking to gain success in product development. However, the growing organisation could not rely on personal networking alone; we needed tools to formally support knowledge sharing and collaboration. “Searching what we have” and “making people more accessible” were two main goals when implementing the first Enterprise Search solution at Oticon.

See how we use SharePoint Search, a competence focused Staff Directory, Communicator Presence information together with a few add on products to form a People centered Enterprise Search solution that works well with the “People First” corporate culture.