Picture of Caroline CoetzeeCaroline Coetzee

Online Communications Manager, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH)

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Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH)

Cambridge University Hospitals is one of the UK’s leading hospitals. A provider of local services, a centre for specialist care and a world-class teaching hospital, the Trust is rated by the healthcare Commission for providing excellent quality of services and excellent use of resources, and as ‘best performing’ for our maternity services.

One of only five comprehensive biomedical research centres in the UK, world-class research is undertaken in partnership with the University of Cambridge and the Medical Research Council, driving our vision to become the best medical research campus in Europe.



Thursday, November 6th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: E-Health Challenges

The business case game (or is a website really more important than a maternity unit?)

For your project to succeed you must have the support of senior management. This is a mantra we have all heard many times and it's undoubtedly true. Without the support of strategic thinkers, how will you get your project accepted as essential for delivering organizational strategy? And if your project isn't seen as essential, how are you going to get those tightly tied purse strings to open and money to flow in your direction?

But how do you get senior management support in the first place? You may understand the benefits your project could bring, but do they? And if they don't, how can you demonstrate these unequivocally, especially if your project brings very few direct financial gains (and a lot of expenditure)? What if you are competing against other, very worthy projects? Can you really justify spending large amounts on a website?

This presentation raises the questions that face us in the real world of healthcare business cases and tries to find answers for those situations when you are trying to justify the importance of spending on a website, rather than a maternity unit.