Picture of Bjørn GuldagerBjørn Guldager

Passionate networking expert

Networking expert,

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Wednesday, November 5th: 10.30-12.00

Track: Web 2.0

Networking – across and beyond the organisation

Software and tools are good – if supported by a great attitude and knowledge. Get inspiration on both from networking expert Bjørn Guldager.

Bjørn speaks on what networking actually is, how people and organisations can network (internally and with other organizations), and how using the right tools and questioning can help you. Discover five networking strategies and how to identify your own, two keys to success with your network, and why most people overlook one of them. Bjørn will also identify three “golden rules” of networking. Learn how networking to benefit others ultimately benefits yourself in the long term.

Regardless of your current perspective and skills on networking, you will become even better after having met Bjørn.