Picture of Ben KnudsenBen Knudsen

Web Editor, The Danish Red Cross

Since 2001 Ben Knudsen has been responsible for the content of drk.dk, the Danish Red Cross’ website. Before that he was content editor at the NNF.dk, a Danish union for workers in the food industry.

Ben Knudsen, originally a journalist, has been responsible for two major redesigns of the Danish Red Cross website. While originally working mostly with content, Ben now spends a lot of time working with online strategy, information architecture and usability, trying to close the gap between the submit-button and what’s in the users mind.

Ben has also helped produce several websites aimed at teaching schoolchildren about humanitarian work. Occasionally he does guest lectures at the Danish School of Journalism.

Ben Knudsen is currently on loan from the Danish Red Cross to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ben is likely to be physically attached to at least one Apple product when not sleeping. Also, he likes rabbits and long-distance running. Having no actual rabbit, he has no choice but to run a lot.

The Danish Red Cross

The Danish Red Cross is Denmark’s – and the worlds - largest and best known humanitarian organisation with 70.000 members and 20.000 volunteers in Denmark. Funded by a combination of public and private funding, the Red Cross helps people in need, whether they are lonely and elderly in Denmark or victims of a drought in southern Africa. The organisation constantly has around 100 delegates – or relief workers – on mission around the globe distributing food, visiting prisoners of war or helping victims of AIDS. The Red Cross also has a lot of activities in Denmark, including centres for asylum seekers, courses in first aid and a large chain of second-hand clothes shops.

The Red Cross website serves as an important communication and fundraising platform where people seek information about disasters, relief work and humanitarian issues. The website has also evolved into the single most important tool for recruiting volunteers for the organisations work – and later as a community and knowledge sharing platform for Red Cross volunteers.



Wednesday, November 5th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: Web marketing & metrics

Matching the goal of users and stakeholders

When the front page of your website is a battlefield where your organisations various departments are field testing their will of strength, how do you – the webeditor - survive? And how do you secure that your users and their tasks are not forgotten in the heat of the battle?

This presentation is about making peace between you, your websites users and the stakeholders of your organisation or company – all by using web statistics, online surveys plus a bit of strategy and sleigh of hand.