Picture of Anders Ellebæk MadsenAnders Ellebæk Madsen

Chief Internet Officer, Christian Daily

Anders started out at the Christian Daily (Kristeligt Dagblad) in 2001 when the newspaper had just launched its first web site in 2000. He is filling out the position both as the editor and the chief of the organization's digital media. Has been running both web 2.0 and news sites.

Christian Daily

Kristeligt Dagblad (The Christian Daily) is a newspaper with a focus on faith, ethics and existential matters. The company has sought a broader perspective on its topics than other Christian European newspapers trying to tap into general human questions such as meaning, happiness, sorrow and moral questions. Its two only channels are paper and internet.



Wednesday, November 5th: 14.30-15.15

Track: Web 2.0

New media growing out of old media, 110 year old media

This is the story of the last Danish national newspaper to go online - and how it by now has launched its 6th web 2.0 site. The Christian Daily is behind www.religion.dk, www.hjertedating.dk , www.bogbasen.dk, www.religionblog.dk, www.mindet.dk og www.kirku.dk.

Old media is having a heated debate on the journalistic value of web 2.0. Listen to the experiences and the reflections on what kind of content is good for web 2.0 and what is not.