Picture of Adriaan BloemAdriaan Bloem

Lead Analyst on the Enterprise Search Report

Co-founder of Radagio and CMS Watch Contributing Analyst, Radagio

Adriaan Bloem has been working with content management technologies and the web since 1994. He has built, developed and implemented a huge variety of systems, websites and communities. Having previously been project manager at Leiden University, he co-founded Dutch consultancy Radagio in 2007.

Apart from consulting, Adriaan is a frequent speaker at conferences and contributing analyst at CMS Watch. He is lead author of the CMS Watch Enterprise Search Report, and also contributed to the Enterprise Social Software Report and Web CMS Report.

Adriaan is a popular speaker, why he also spoke at cmf2007, cmf2006 and cmf2005.


Radagio is a vendor and integrator independent consultancy in content management strategy, offering services throughout the whole content management life cycle. Founded in 2007, Radagio has worked with a varied group of international clients.

They can offer advise before the project starts and help see it through to a successful end. They''re vendor and integrator independent: have no ties with software companies and have no stakes in the implementation and development process.



Thursday, November 6th: 10.30 - 12.00

Track: Enterprise Search

Search on your Website: More than a Button to Push

That little "search" button on a website seems so simple and straightforward. In reality, that button could cost you as much as the CMS your site runs on, while most of your visitors might still leave and use Google instead.

Adriaan Bloem will talk about the importance of the search functionality on your website, and why it's not as simple as it seems. This is really something you'll want to know about before you start building a website -- but if you've already implemented a system, you might still be surprised about what you can learn!

What You Need To Know About Search in SharePoint 2007

Thursday, November 6th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: SharePoint 2007: Behind the Firewall

Search is important to most SharePoint projects, but unfortunately it is also something that causes quite a bit of frustration as well as confusion. In this talk Netherlands-based CMS Watch analyst Adriaan Bloem will cover some of the usual pitfalls and also share some recent project experiences (both positive and less positive) with SharePoint's search functionality.