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  • Sitecore wins Web Idol 2008
    Nov. 07: Wednesday afternoon the enviable title of jboye08 Web Idol Winner went to Copenhagen-based Sitecore. This year we had entries from the last two years’ winners eZ from Telemarken in Norway, e-Spirit, SDL Tridion and Hippo. The judging panel, Claudia Urschbach (BBC), Erik Hartman (Hartman Communicatie) and Tony Byrne (CMS Watch) provided harsh and hilarious commentary. Congratulations from the J. Boye team to Sitecore.
  • Full House at Conference Party
    Nov. 03: We have had overwhelming numbers registering for our main conference party on Wednesday night. The event is now sold out. We still have spaces left for Tuesday night’s conference dinner – as well as spaces for the actual conference program on the respective days. You can either register in advance via this site, or simply register at the door and pay entry by card.
  • Registration is still open!
    Oct. 31: We still have a few places left for the various days next week. Simply sign up on our registration page. We can also still help you with preferential rates at good hotels nearby. We have a number of rooms at preferential rates at Villa Provence and Hotel Guldsmeden – both walking distance from the conference.
  • New Sponsor: FAST
    Oct. 27: Norwegian FAST, recently acquired by Microsoft, is sponsoring jboye08. With a clear focus on enterprise search, FAST is offering an increasing variety of solutions apart from its core platform: FAST ESP. FAST Unity for example offers single query access to multiple source information. Having also ventured into the mobile market, FAST Active Mobile delivers content search and discovery to the handset. As you will see from the conference program, with a whole track and a number of sessions dedicated to the subject of enterprise search, we are pleased that FAST will be represented at jboye08 – ready to take your questions and talk to you about their views on the future of search.
  • Lynfabrikken at Bursting Point!
    Oct. 24: Monday evening's pre-conference social event, the CMS Watch Jetlag Reception on 3rd November, has now sold out. There are still spaces on the other evenings. The social events are included in your conference ticket, but you must register attendance in advance. So if you did not select the social events when you registered, do get in touch and let us know if you want to go. Extra tickets for non-conference visitors can be purchased as long as we have spaces left. Price: Dkk. 490 / €65 / £50 per event.
  • Where will you be staying in Aarhus?
    Oct. 24: We can still help you with booking accomodation at a number of good hotels; including at the Radisson SAS where the conference takes place. The other hotels are all within walking distance. If you would like us to help you, just contact Tine Christensen, conference producer, by emailing tc@jboye.dk or call us on +45 36 98 08 10.
  • Interested in website search?
    Oct. 22: On our enterprise search track we will start the day with a keynote from CMS Watch analyst Adriaan Bloem. Based on popular interest we have decided to also include a vendor panel in the 90 minute session. So far we have FAST (Microsoft) and Interse confirmed, but who would you like to see? Send us an e-mail and let us know. We still have room for 1 or 2 more.
  • New sponsor: CoreMedia
    Oct. 17: Hamburg-based CoreMedia is back as conference sponsors at jboye08. Ambassadors of what they call "people-centric content management software", the company is active in the spheres of both CMS, social software, DRM and web TV. Recently CoreMedia has been involved in developing an interactive online citizens’ portal in its home town: hamburg.de, which also participates directly at the conference with a case study. We are pleased that CoreMedia have found the time to return to Aarhus!
  • New Speaker: Nicolai Porsbo, Editor in Chief, Danish Broadcasting Corp.
    Oct. 10: Nicolai Porsbo is responsible for all radio and tv content on dr.dk, one of the largest and most popular web sites in Denmark. At jboye08, Nicolai will join our expert panel along with Lisa Welchman and Martin White discussing some of today's online challenges. Nicolai is a vivid and inspiring speaker who will definitely bring a different and well-informed practitioner perspective to the expert panel.
  • Free Webinar: Intranet 2.0: The future of intranets (a sneak preview)
    Oct. 06: The Canadian intranet expert Toby Ward will in cooperation with J. Boye give an online seminar, where in which he will present some of the findings from the first major Intranet 2.0 study; a teaser for his presentation at jboye08. It's free to participate in the webinar, as long as you sing sign up in advance. Read more about Intranet 2.0: The future of intranets and sign up for the webninar Friday 17th October 1.30pm GMT
  • New Sponsor: Welcome to EMC!
    Oct. 01: One of the leading names in information infrastructure solutions is now confirmed as sponsor at jboye08. EMC’s product and services portfolio is vast, and the company provides solutions within a large number of sectors: Energy, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, public sector, retail, telecommunications, media and entertainment. The company is moreover renowned for its commitment to sustainable business practices; just last week (23rd September) EMC was commended by the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for its thorough and transparent climate change disclosure. We look forward to introducing EMC to jboye08.
  • New Keynote: Usability Expert Jared Spool
    Sep. 29: Our final keynote speaker is now on the program: he is Jared Spool. Jared has been working in the field of usability and design since 1978, long before the term "usability" was even associated with computers. Jared is one of the most effective, knowledgeable communicators on the subject today, and he will no doubt be a highly inspiring highlight on our already exciting conference program in November. Apart from his keynote presentation, Jared will give a pre-conference tutorial with Dana Chisnell on Getting to Insights: A Radical Approach to Usability Testing. Do remember to sign up for the tutorial if you want to learn from two of the field's top gurus - the seats are limited!
  • New speaker: Olle Olsson, the e-gov expert at the Swedish W3C office
    Sep. 26: As Senior Researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science Olle has been exploring innovations in e-government. Olle also manages the Swedish W3C office and at jboye08 he will explore future and emerging ways of using the web in e-government. His presentation will be illustrated by concrete examples of how various public agencies world wide are using technology in novel ways.
  • New speaker: Richard Dennison from BT, UK expert in social intranets
    Sep. 25: BT (formerly known as British Telecom) have deployed the full range of social media tools on their intranet, from blogs to social networking. Richard has led or been directly involved in all these deployments. At jboye08, he will adress the issue of how to convince management that ‘social’ can deliver huge value to an organisation, and is an essential pre-requisite for employee engagement, knowledge management and a whole host of other desirable business outcomes. Richard's talk is on the Enterprise 2.0 track on Thursday 6 November.
  • New speaker: Search Engine Optimisation expert Hannu Vangsgaard
    Sep. 23: With a strong emphasis on relevance, Hannu works with marketing and search engine optimisation. From his base in Aarhus, Denmark, he works with a broad range of clients and helps them find the core relevancy in their products, which is then translated into communication and marketing activities that stand out from the crowd. He is a vivid speaker and will surely provide some rather thought provoking insights.
  • New Sponsor: Hippo
    Sep. 18: Hippo is back! We welcome the return of Dutch open source vendor Hippo. The company is mostly known for Hippo CMS, which is also covered in the European Edition of the Web CMS Report, but Hippo also focuses on portal technology. Since they attended cmf2007, they have been busy expanding outside their Benelux base and perhaps you can even get a glimpse of the new version 7 at their booth. We are excited to have them back.
  • New Intranet 2.0 survey by speaker Toby Ward
    Sep. 17: Toby Ward and his team at Prescient Digital are conducting an Intranet 2.0 survey. The objective: to study the effectiveness of Intranet 2.0 tools and strategies. Take 10 minutes to complete the Intranet 2.0 Global Survey and you will recive a complimentary copy of the full results with an overview of the findings and lessons learnt. Not a bad deal at all! Also, make sure to read Toby's article "The future of intranets" in which he introduces some of the issues highlighted in his jboye08 presentation.
  • New Analyst Speaker: Jim Murphy from AMR Research
    Sep. 16: As Research Director at AMR Research, Jim has years of hands-on experience with enterprise content management, portals, collaboration and knowledge management. Jim frequently publishes research articles, including a recent one on The Next-Next-Generation Web and the Future of the Portal. He will share some of his findings in his talk on the Enterprise Portals track on Thursday, Nov 6. This is Jim's first visit to our conference, and we are excited to welcome yet another analyst.
  • jboye08 Groups Online: Facebook and LinkedIn
    Sep. 12: We are spreading the word through as many channels as we can. Like last year, we have been profiling our conference on Facebook. See which other members of our large international network are coming; put faces to the names of other delegates, and start networking before arriving in Aarhus. This year, we can also be found on LinkedIn. Visit the jboye08 groups and invite colleagues, peers and friends to do the same! And if you were at last year's cmf2007 conference, you could add a few lines about the experience and perhaps some pictures on Facebook?
  • New speaker: Canadian intranet and e-health guru Toby Ward
    Sep. 10: Toby is a specialist in intranet and e-health planning and measurement. He is founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, a Canadian-based company that provides strategic consulting, planning and communications services to organizations of all sizes. Toby is a recognized North American expert on effective web planning, communication, benchmarking and best practice measurement (ROI), as well as author of Finding ROI, a study conducted on intranet Return on Investment. We look forward to welcoming Toby to Aarhus for the first time!
  • New speaker: Makx Dekkers from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
    Sep. 08: The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is a global organisation which works on defining and maintaining one of the main cross-domain metadata standards for the Web. As Managing Director, Makx, works with standardisation and application of solutions for information management and exchange with an emphasis on interoperability from both a strategic and a technical perspective. Makx is from the Netherlands but now lives and works in Barcelona. His focus has recently been on interoperability for cultural heritage, e-government and public sector information.
  • New Intranet 2.0 survey by speaker Toby Ward
    Sep. 07: Toby Ward and his team at Prescient Digital are conducting an Intranet 2.0 survey. The objective: to study the effectiveness of Intranet 2.0 tools and strategies. Take 10 minutes to complete the Intranet 2.0 Global Survey and you will recive a complimentary copy of the full results with an overview of the findings and lessons learnt. Not a bad deal at all! Also, make sure to read Toby's article "The future of intranets" in which he introduces some of the issues highlighted in his jboye08 presentation.
  • New speaker: Jeffrey Walker, Atlassian
    Sep. 05: With a base in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeffrey Walker is the President of Australian wiki-vendor Atlassian. He will share his global experiences from Atlassian's many projects with developing professional collaboration tools for a wide range of business areas and applications. Jeffrey will no doubt give a competent and different perspective on the future of the intranet on his very first visit to Aarhus.
  • New sponsor: Interwoven
    Sep. 02: One of the most significant and successful content management vendors, Interwoven will be sponsoring our conference in Aarhus in November. We are very pleased to welcome them. Interwoven launched TeamSite in 1997 and the product has since evolved into an enterprise Web CMS platform, which is in use by several of our Community of Practice members. Website testing and optimization is a recent addition to the mix for Interwoven after an acquisition in 2007. Come and talk to them and hear more about their European plans, roadmap and ask them any questions you might have.
  • New speaker: Joe Walker of DWR fame is back!
    Jul. 23: Joe Walker spoke at cmf2005 not long after he developed Direct Web Remoting (DWR) which has since become the most popular AJAX toolkit for Java by making browser/server interaction intuitive for web developers. Joe is a pioneer when it comes to modern web frameworks like AJAX. He knows how to make the most of the web and has worked with both training and governance projects across the United States and Europe. Joe is also a co-author of the book AJAX in Practice, which describes AJAX's potential to create rich user-centered internet applications.
  • New sponsor: Microsoft
    Jul. 01: Our recently published report about the use of Microsoft Sharepoint for public websites has attracted much attention, and Sharepoint 2007 has certainly been one of the hottest and most popular topics in recent months at many of our events. And not just at our events: the topic is up for discussion at most events we have attended over the last year. We are therefore delighted to have Microsoft onboard as sponsors at our conference in November. Meet the representatives from Microsoft and take the opportunity to put your questions, thoughts and experiences to them face to face.
  • New case study: World Health Organization
    Jun. 26: Joining us from Geneva, Switzerland Jane Wallace, Web Manager at the World Health Organization will present some of her lessons learned from working inside a large, complex and global organization. Jane is another American who lives in France (just like Jane McConnell), but Jane commutes every morning to Switzerland to work with her team on their multi-lingual website.
  • New speaker: Lisa Welchman is back
    Jun. 25: For the third year in a row, Lisa Welchman, the inventor of the term web operations management has confirmed that she will join us in Aarhus in November. At cmf2007 she gave a thought-provoking keynote where she asked how many webmasters it takes to screw in a lightbulb. Lisa is a world-class capacity in all areas of web governance, and we genuinely look forward to welcoming her back
  • New speaker: Intranet and search guru Martin White
    Jun. 23: At cmf2005, our inaugural conference, Martin gave an excellent keynote on the Eureka factor. Since then we have invited him back several times, but he has been busy writing books (published the acclaimed Making Search Work in 2007), blogging, consulting and even talking at other conferences. We are very happy to welcome him back to Aarhus and look forward to hearing his expert views.
  • gr3 joins our team of sponsors
    Jun. 18: We are pleased to welcome onboard as sponsor a significant Denmark based player in the market: gr3. In the last decade, the company has built up a large number of competencies in-house, and some of the areas covered are CRM, portals, workflow, content management, intranet, extranet and implementation of new and existing systems. gr3 are Gold Certified Microsoft Partners.
  • Announcing pre-conference tutorial: Google: Beyond Databases to Dataspaces
    Jun. 16: Attendee will learn about Google's dataspace technology when Steve Arnold talks about how to use Google's technological innovations to solve complex data management challenges. Learn whether dataspace technology will give Google the secret sauce it needs to grow its enterprise business?
  • New speaker: Jim Hobart, a recognized expert on usability
    Jun. 15: Jim has just confirmed that he will be back in Aarhus in November and we certainly look forward to it. Last year at cmf2007, Jim hosted our most popular tutorial which was on Advanced UI Strategies using Web 2.0 Technologies. He also spoke on design patterns for complex taxonomies.
  • 6 more speakers with great competences and exciting cases
    Jun. 13: Jane McConnell will join us and share her knowledge as a specialist in intranet and portal strategy. David Hobbs comes from Welchman Consulting and is an expert in all aspects of Web Operations Management. To strengthen our web analytics track we can confirm the Danish expert Piotr Narloch.
    We have also ensured some exciting case studies with Claudia Urschbach from BBC, Niklas Sinander from EUMETSAT and Volker Grünauer from Wienerberger.
  • Sign up now to get our super early bird offer
    Jun. 13: Sign up before July 1st and get a substantial discount! Also make sure to check our other offers for alumni, groups, non profit organisations and others.
  • Stephen Arnold, Phil Kemelor and Shiv Singh will be speaking
    May. 20: Stephen Arnold is well known for his expertise in online search and has published several books and articles about Google. Also, web analytics expert Phil Kemelor is joining us to share his practical experience and knowledge of how to succeed using analytics. Last but not least Shiv Singh, Global Director of Avenue A | Razorfish, is confirmed as a speaker, so we can look forward to learn from his impressive experience in social media.
  • Two more speakers: Steven Pemberton and Lars Johansson
    Mar. 31: From the Netherlands we can now present web expert & senior researcher, Steven Pemberton, who will share his great knowledge about the Web from his research and work with the W3C with us. In addition the Swedish web analyst & internet marketing specialist, Lars Johansson, will join us with insights about online marketing and analytics.
  • The co-inventor of The World Wide Web is joining us
    Mar. 12: First keynote is now confirmed and it's a scoop. Co-inventor of the World Wide Web, Robert Cailliau will join us in Aarhus in November where he will be giving a keynote outlining a brief history of the Web, while also making references to standards and SharePoint. We have also added the internationally renowned SharePoint expert, Shawn Shell, to our list of speakers, which just gets better and better.
  • Speakers wanted
    Jan. 07: We are currently looking for interesting presentations. Become a conference speaker, and share your experiences with experts and peers. For more details, see our Speaker Proposal Submission & Guidelines.
  • First speakers confirmed: Graham Oakes and Seth Gottlieb
    Jan. 02: First confirmed speakers: Graham Oakes, independent consultant on strategy and governance, and Seth Gottlieb, expert on open source content technologies, will be presenting at the conference.