Enterprise Search

Whether you are focusing on intranet, website or the entire enterprise, search is becoming increasingly crucial. As users become accustomed to Google's efficient web search, the search button grows in popularity. Unfortunately it can become a source of frustration and disappointment if it does not perform the way your users expect.

Learn how search actually works and how to improve it on this track focusing on the 'art of search’. The track will give a broad insight into this important field. We offer competent expert presentations, case studies that introduce actual user experiences and a vendor panel counting some of the most exciting and influential players in the industry.

Enterprise Search
Thursday, November 6th 10.30 - 12.00  Search on your Website: More than a Button to Push
Keynote by Adriaan Bloem, Radagio
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Vendor panel with:

Göran Karlsson
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Dan Thomsen

Extending Websearch in MOSS 2007
Torben Ellert
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14.30 - 15.15  Trends in Enterprise Search for 2009
Stephen E. Arnold, Arnold Information Technology
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15.45 - 16.45  Case studies moderated by Adriaan Bloem

A ”People First” approach to Enterprise Search
Case: Oticon
Charlotte Eir
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Making and Maintaining a Search Strategy
Case: Danske Bank
Herluf Helt Mølgaard

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