E-gov Challenges

Around the world, governments have been investing heavily in the web. We have several governmental members of our community of practice, which have implemented very advanced and complex web solutions. Some of them driven by ambitious political agendas, but also frequently legislation which requires greater openness and transparency. Finally one of the universal project drivers – the need to save money – also plays a significant role.

Benefit from the lessons learned by other, highly experienced, practitioners. Join the discussions on how to improve business processes as well as relationships with citizens.

E-gov Challenges
Wednesday, November 5th 10.30 - 12.00  E-gov and the citizen - transformation by new technology
Olle Olsson, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science
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Making a case for interoperability
Makx Dekkers, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
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14.30 - 15.15  Citizen King - Are Citizens the Government's Customers?
Erik Hartman, Hartman Communicatie 
15.45 - 16.45  Meeting the users - anywhere
Case: Køge Bibliotek
Michael Ljungberg
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